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Behind the Scenes 

What About Mercy_

What About Mercy?

Bornhoft Creek

Bornhoft Farm, our main filming location in Arkansas

Thumper, Reese, Burd & Ian, 4 of our 6 lead

Dress Rehearsal for Thumper, Reese, Burd & Ian- four of our six lead characters


Robert M. O'Brien as the lovable "DOC," he's an "innocent" and a deadly sharpshooter one of 6 lead characters


David Miller is our Base Commander, it's in the eyes

VinnyBW©JerryMcGrath 2021

"CAPT HEINRICK" one of six lead characters. On his mission, but why is he actually there? Actor Vincent van Hinte


Vinny in a "reflective" mode as the dangerous CAPT Heinrick

Wong Sio Ngai fficeL

Wong Sio Ngai, as NVA Prisoner 1, after his frightening CIA Interrogation scene

jamisonkeyborder crop copy

Jamison Key, as "Doc's Friend," his closest friend outside of his home in Colorado


Behind the scenes rehearsal, actor David Garber as SGT Alexander (L) & actor Mitch McDonald as 1SG Schott

©jerrymcgrath ReeseDreamSequence

Documenting the making of the surreal "Reese's Dream" sequence in the Bornhoft rice fields


"Doc" a deeply religious/expert marksman & severly conflicted young Army Private-actor Robert M. O'Brien

©jerrymcgrath ArkansasSkyBornhoftfield

This is the Bornhoft rice field in Arkansas where many of the Love In Country movie scenes were filmed

©JerryMcGrath-Thumper, Doc & Burd

Just prior to leaving for a secretive mission Thumper, Doc & Burd discuss what may face them in the war ravaged area surrounding Hue, South Vietnam

©JerryMcgrath-Burd Emerges.

PFC Jay E. Burd (Elijah Olachea) emerges from battle, weary and confused. Jerry photographed this on set during filming.


Co-Director Kurt Braun after a day and night of filming; behind him & down the ravine the "Older NVA Prisoner" scene was filmed. We were all grateful for the first cool evening in Arkansas & for a lack of snakes & vipers!


"Thumper" (L.A. actor Jon Owens) preparing for a scene on our main set at the Barnhoft Farm, Weiner, Arkansas

Payton Handshoe

Payton Handshoe was one of our busiest & dedicated Production Assistants, he also played a role in the movie, seen here with amazing "burned" makeup by our lead Alan Gonzalez.

jerrymcgrath Kurt/Cliff

Near Ft. Smith, Ark. scouting with Cliff Yarbourgh & Kurt Braun

P.A.'s Bud Johns & Anthony Martin setting fire for smoke in the Napalm Scene- ph. Holly McEuen


Actor/Military Consultant/Set Builder Patrick McGrath, he is worth his weight in gold for all of us

Burning auto for The Hero's March" scene

Characters "Burd & Thumper" preparing for the shoot

©jerrymcgrath kurt swing

Director Kurt Braun after an 18 hour shoot

Mark Fitsgerald, UPM/Props is with Payton Handshoe, a hard working P.A. in Props and background actor


UPDATE: Jack-the-Dog Gayton, who plays "Jack Heinrick," lead animal actor in the film, poses for Uncle Jerry. Currently Jack is reviewing new scripts, he wants to keep his future options open

©jerrymcgrath, 2020ElvisMuseumFtChaffeeJerryMcGrathFacebook

"Elvis" barbershop Museum at Ft. Chaffee. Just steps from the Elvis site we filmed several key indoor military scenes in the now abandoned barracks and offices.


Our delightful & creative Costumer Lead, Loren Robles


Bornhoft Farm Quonset Hut-staging and shooting location, Fischer, Arkansas

©jerrymcgrath villa burning

Burning of the farmhouse, it got very, very hot as you can see lead make-up artist Alan Gonzalez keeps his distance!

Re-used Quonset Hut, for make-up lead Alan Gonzalez & Head Costumer Lauren Robles, along with several actors and crew


Our amazing Cori Hammond. Cori was a P.A. as well as a background player, working non-stop and filling in every gap she found, worth her weight in platinum-a true M.V.P.

Actor & Art Department design crew, Lee Christman preparing for the farmhouse burn

©jerrymcgrath 2020MammaLauren/Vinny

Head Chef, Mama Lauren Williams and our amazing Vincent van Hinte (CAPT Heinrick) sharing their favorite meal at our LIC "Duck Lodge 1" near Harrisburg, Arkansas


Just a few of our incredible PA's: Noah George, Austin Sloan, Gina Vong, Holly McEuen, Payton Handshoe, Writer/Director Richard Gayton & Mark Fitzgerald

Vu as Monk

Vu Ha, our first cast member as "The Good Monk"

Stunt Practice, Hollywood

Stunt Practice in Hollywood, next to Grauman's Chinese Theatre (TCL Theatre) just before we began principal filming in Arkansas

bestfeaturescript&film certs

Certificate: BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM & BEST SCRIPT-Madrid Arthouse Film Festival

Heinrick's wife & son

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