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Our Cast & Crew

reese reherweb4 20 JMcGrath.jpg

Sgt John Reese

Michael Southworth was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended Cornell University where he studied acting and film. Southworth has received training from leading industry professionals and has worked on over two dozen plays and short films. His work includes the films Daemon (2021}, A Love Story (2020}, You’ll Live, 2019  Patriots Day (2016), Same Kind of Different as Me (2017), and Sweeney Killing Sweeney (2018). 

Sgt Ian Alexander

David Garber is a Los Angeles-based actor known for leading roles in the films Forever Entirely Yours (2020), Saturday (2020), The Scatterbrain (2019), ASMR LoFi Vaporwave Beats to Cook to (2019), and TV shows such as SEAL Team (2018), Twisted Sisters (2019), and Ancient Aliens (2020). He has trained extensively at studios across Los Angeles, as well as at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Capt John Tower Heinrick

Vincent van Hinte as an actor has appeared in Vincent My True Fairytale, 2021, co-starred with Danny Trejo in The Fixer (2020), appeared as the male AYT in the 2013 Sequel: Star Trek, Into Darkness, Directed by J.J. Abrams.  Also known for Ingrid Goes West (2017), Fallen Stars (2017) and The 5th Passenger (2017). Van Hinte attended Arizona State University and the NHTV International HogerOnderwijs Breda in the Netherlands.  He and fellow ensemble cast mates won The Award of Recognition for The Haunt (2017). Vincent is also actively working as a writer, director and producer.


PFC Jay Edgar Burd

Elijah Olachea is an up and coming  actor living in Los Angeles. As a California native, he is no stranger to the world of filmmaking and its power of storytelling. He possesses a talent for creating characters of substance and raw emotion.  This emotion is on full display in Love In Country. His other films includeHere Lies Lauren (2020), Home (2019) and Masks (2018).


PFC 1st Class Charles 'Thumper' White

Jon Owens was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He trained at the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University and appeared in the film Deadly Detour (2011) as well as shorts The Missing Piece (2017) and Miss Cheese (2018).  


Sp 4 Thomas 'Doc' Graham

Robert M. O'Brien is a Los Angeles actor and writer. He previously appeared in Bandwagoners (2019). Robert received his BFA in acting from the University of Michigan. Aside from his film work he has performed on stage in several Shakespear plays along with musicals (Baritone) and directed live theatre.


C.I.A. Agent Crawford 

John Michael Tilmont has written, produced, and performed in several films and plays. He graduated from law school and has been a practicing attorney. John has a deep passion to share important stories through performing arts. Some of his work includes: The Parabilius (2021),Your Wreckless Heart (2020), Green Piece (2018), Burn After Reading Fish (2017), Cinaminson NJ (2017), and Batman: Patient Zero (2016).

jamisonkey crop.jpg

Helicopter Medic, friend of "Doc," Arkansas native & actor Jamison Key


First Sergeant Schott, Temporary Production Manager,  Arkansas's own, actor Mitch McDonald


Battalion Commander

Character Actor David A. Miller is from Omaha, Nebraska. Miller's professional career is in Procurement and Contract Management. He is a certified crew member and Public Relations Officer in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Additional accomplishments include the development of an investing application as well as writing his first screenplay in 2019.

MASH Medic, Pupae Gayton, in addition to his role in the film, he was our Thai specialty chef, trained Jack the Dog & gave haircuts to the actors! Many hats for this guy.

Props Master, Unit Production Manager, Social Media Coordinator for our post production output.  Mark Fitzgerald, Mark wore many hats on the Love In Country movie, like so many of us! Mark was  also was an amazing moral booster!  As an entrepreneur Mark is CEO of We Rock the House Entertainment & holds a degree in Interior Design. 

MarkPropsUPM copy.jpg

Writer / Director/ Casting


Richard Gayton, writer/director of Love in Country came from a career as a psychologist. After his wife’s home invasion murder in 1987, his book The Forgiving PlaceChoosing Peace After Violent Trauma was featured during an appearance on Oprah. He appeared on Tyra after he forgave his wife’s murderers and one of them appeared

with him from prison to discuss forgiveness and trauma. His novel The Mind Travelers, a sci fi thriller about post-traumatic stress disorder was optioned for television but not made. Much of his work as psychotherapist and writer deals with violent traumatic loss. After psychology, he attended Film School, then trained further as an actor taking small parts on television and stage to prepare him as a Director facilitating actors. He has written and directed two short films on the intimacy and trauma of war: Mind Travelers and Left Behind. He was the 1st AD on Adios Mi Amigo, Art Director on Agamemnon and worked in various capacities on other features. As much as Richard’s filmmaking has portrayed the action of war; the primary interest is always the human character as it evolves in response to the horror of combat.


Earlier in his life, his military experience during the time of the Vietnam War taught him the practice and realities of war, though he was not in combat. He attended Basic Combat Training as an Army Reservist, served briefly as an Infantry Platoon leader then several years as a Truck Platoon Leader, then four years as a US Navy Medical Service Corps Lieutenant. He worked with Marines who had combat trauma from the Vietnam War.


His training in psychology, surviving his own loss, his military experience and his experience helping others make him uniquely able to understand these issues and bring them to life in writing and film. Currently he lives with his husband and two dogs in California and Thailand.

Producer/ Art Direction/ Casting


Producer Jerry McGrath holds an M.F.A. in art & until recently was a Professor of Art/Photography in Southern California.  He is the main producer on the Love In Country movie. He also art directed much of the film & along with his project partner Richard Gayton, is casting director and hired all the film crew. Many of the still photos were shot by him while Love In Country movie was being filmed.  


Jerry McGrath’s artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally, his website is @jerrymcgrath.  He was born in Detroit, Michigan. Many other hats were worn by him on the Love In Country movie, sourcing,  oversight of social media, promo videos & making cast, crew & location photographs.

Jerry has spent much of the last 2 decades working in The Republic of Ireland.  His newest film project, A Thin Place, which is based on Celtic mysticism & folklore spanns several centuries and will be shot entirely on location in Ireland.

He lives in Orange, California with his partner Randy.

JerryMcGrathinStoreAR (1).jpg

Jerry, on the phone sourcing $5 Mosquito Nets for cast and crew from a Jonesboro, Arkansas Tux shop

Remembering Their Dance, photograph (2017), film & installation, Annaghmakerrig, Newbliss, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

Director Kurt Braun

Kurt Braun Originally from Detroit, Michigan. Kurt has spent the last twenty-five years working in the motion picture industry.  He studied for two years at the London International Film School (now the London Film School), after residency in England he lived and worked in Istanbul, Turkey. There Braun excelled in the fields of lighting and camera, as well as art direction.  He is an award-winning production designer and has lensed five feature films. Kurt is also a talented musician/singer, with performances in many locations across the United States.


Kurt after a very long shoot!


Editor, Colorist & VFX

Robert Torrance


Robert Torrance is an award winning and clever filmmaker, a multi-talented editor who has worked on numerous feature films as Director, Cinematographer, Colorist, Writer and Director of Photography; some of Bob's recent work includes The Petal Pushers, Roommate Wanted, Stolen Child and Soda Springs.

Bob is also tackling the Love In Country VFX, we are fortunate to have him attached to our film.  Bob is currently lives in Pasadena with his wife and is a Southern California native.

Director of Photography

RushiBLACKMAGIC (1).jpg

Rushikesh Bhadane

Rushi tritonecopy.jpg
Rushikesh Bhadane for web.jpg

Originally from Nashik, India, Rushikesh Bhadane is an Independent Director, Cinematographer & Editor.  RUSHI is presently working as a Director & Cinematographer at Dhar Mann Studios.


His work can be seen in the feature "Rift" as Writer & Director, a short  "Simon Says" as Cinematographer, this film was a winner at the European Cinematography Awards, Feel the Reel International Film Festival & Indie Short Fest, on the short "Song" he was the Cinematographer another award winner at New York Cinematography Awards & Canadian Cinematography Awards, also the feature documentary "The Survivor Mitzvah Project"  as editor, currently displayed at the United States Holocaust Museum, Washington,  D.C.  He worked as cinematographer and editor for the Rocky S Summer Collection, he was the cinematographer & editor on a music video with Sunny Leone



Randy Miller


Randy working, remotely, on our final soundtrack session

clrRandy MillerJerryMcGrath.jpg

Randy Miller is a composer who has collaborated with such notable filmmakers as Robert
Towne, Zhang Yimou and Oliver Stone.

A few of Miller’s composing assignments include: Without Limits (Tom Cruise), Hellraiser III:
Hell on Earth
(Clive Barker), Darkman II: The Return of Durant (Sam Raimi), the acclaimed
TV series The Outer Limits (Pen Densham), Heaven and Earth (additional music, dir. Oliver

Stone), The Soong Sisters (multiple winner for best original film score), Spartacus mini-
series, Amargosa, Prancer Returns, Handy Manny (award winning Disney series) and

Shanghai Red (Vivian Wu).

Recent projects include the documentaries, The Heart of Nuba, Extinction Soup, and
Freedom to Marry, TV movies, Hometown Hero, Brimming with Love and The Joneses
as well as The Marvel Experience (Disney/Marvel studios) that covers two acres
with seven colossal 360-degree, 3-D domes of immersive entertainment.

A few of Randy’s orchestration and conducting credits include: Contagion, Dark Waters, What's
My Name: Muhammad Ali, Breakthrough, Game Night, Zoolander, The Fast and the Furious, The
Flintstones, Coneheads, Hoffa, The Mighty Ducks, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
and Tremors.
Record credits include his work with Michael Franti and Spearhead, Sir Anthony Hopkins and
Japanese recording artist Kitaro.

Hailing from Ellenville, New York in the Catskill Mountains, Miller maintains recording facilities in Topanga and at his Sequoia National Forest retreat.  The LOVE IN COUNTRY Soundtrack will be released soon on Notefornote music; streaming, download & C.D.  Limited autographed copies of the soundtrack will be available soon!

newIanHattonJerryMcgrathedit copy 2.jpg

Sound Designer

Ian Hatton

Ian Hatton is an Emmy-nominated English musician, composer, sound designer and
engineer. Ian’s background includes all facets of music from writing and playing to
production. He creates unique, carefully crafted compositions with inspiring sound
design, always recorded at the highest quality.

Ian was driving force within numerous bands, such as Bonham, who went Gold with their
debut album. He has also performed and recorded with Paul Rodgers, Robert Plant’s
Honeydrippers, Sarah Brightman and Luxx along with numerous others.
After years of touring and recording, Hatton made, for him, a natural shift into music production along with Television and Film scoring. For a five year period he was a consultant for Bose Corporation, there he composed and produced music and oversawthe surround sound 5.1 productions.

Today, Ian Hatton compositions for television and feature films have won praise from
critics, artists, and producers across the industry. In 2016, Ian was nominated for an Emmy for Best Original score for Bard in the Backcountry, in the same year he
composed the soundtrack for Bill Moyers’ award-winning documentary Rikers.

Associate Executive Producer

Peter Hackman

PetHackmanEDITJMcGrath copy.jpg

Peter Hackman Peter grew up in Indiana and is a life long soundtrack admirer. Upon his arrival to Los Angeles he worked at famed soundtrack label Varèse Sarabande Records. Then ventured into composer management at Bohemia Group Management. He also co-owns the soundtrack record label Notefornote Music. He's also the President and Founder of The Fans Of Film Music Society.

Peter's input on the post production of the film has been consistently exceptional, and we appreciate him enormously!

buddha copy small.jpg


Craig Rogers

Craig Rogersfnl.jpg

In Loving Memory, 1949-2020

Craig Rogers, Craig was also an Executive Producer on the 2019 film "Sky Fighter". Thank you Craig!


Army MAJ Clifford Yarbrough, RET, gave us incredible insight as a Military Advisor, he also supplyied most of our Vintage US Army Uniforms, weapons & countless other era specific props. Cliff also helped with Scouting , additionally he played the role of the Army Helicopter Pilot, which was his lifelong profession in the Service.

HarrisonMorris:Pride©Jerry McGrath 2.jpg

Harrison Morris, Was our 1st AD & background actor as SPC Pride. Harrison was very helpful as well in pre-production, he's a 2019 B.A. graduate in film studies.

Key Grip/Gaffer

Pedram Neku

Pedram2B JMCGRATH.jpg

Focus Puller/actor  

Lt. Harold Hollis

Brandon Yutterman


Pedram Neku, who has ample international experience, is based out of Los Angeles and has additional experience outside of lighting in theatre management. He is fluent in Farsi, English and Italian.

9web ALAN2.jpg

Alan Gonzalez

Makeup Artist


Wardrobe Designer

Loren Robles

Alan Gonzalez with first time actor Wong Sio Ngai (played N.V.A. Prisoner 1) after make-up application. Alan was also a background player in the Ben Lott Village scene.

Loren Robles was expert at his fashioning of the costumes, with a keen eye towards detail.  Loren also played the frightening role of the Second N.V.A. prisoner in The C.I.A. scene, one of our most memorable scenes in the entire feature.

borderverynewamartin copy.jpg

Anthony Martin in the role of Truck Driver 3, was an integral member of our Special Effects Department, Set Construction & Production Assistant.  Anthony is an United States Army veteran & inventor, also an Alum of the University of Arkansas 

In loving memory of Bill Armstrong our very first Love In Country movie donor & supporter, thank you for all your help and encouragement Bill! 1942-2021

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